2020 International Conference on Machine Learning and Computer Application(ICMLCA2020)
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About  Shangri-La

"Shangri-La" is a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia — a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. 


About Hotel

ICMLCA2020 will be held in Shangri-La, China during September 11-13, 2020. For further information of the hotel, please find below.

Ⅰ. Information:

Green Oriental Hotel Shangri-la stay alone in the Old City 

Hotel Website:click


Address: Shangri-La, 55 Yangtang Road, Jiantang Town


>> Standard single room: RMB 200/ night (about USD 30/ night). (One beds, Internet and one breakfast included)

>> Standard double room: RMB 200/ night (about USD 30/ night). (Two beds, Internet and two breakfast included)


Ⅱ. Room Booking:

You can make a reservation by calling the front desk 0887-3089999 Before Sep. 7th, please tell that you are a guest of "AEIC Shangri-La, academic conference", and then can enjoy the agreed price.



Ⅲ. Direction:

* Shangri-La Airport: 8.2km ; 14mins

* Downtown Xi 'an: 1.5km ; 5mins


Ⅳ. Tips:

For non-Chinese Attendees, "Bring me to the hotel" card is available. You can show it to the taxi drivers and they will take you to the hotel.