2021 2nd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computer Application(ICMLCA 2021)

Call for paper


Machine Learning          

  • Human-robots interface and interaction 

  • Machine Learning Applications

  • Machine learning for 5G system

  • Machine learning for multimedia

  • Machine learning for Internet of Things                              

  • Machine learning for network slicing optimization

  • Machine learning for user behavior prediction

  • Machine Learning in knowledge-intensive systems

  • Machine Learning Methods and analysis

  • Machine Learning Techniques for Big Data

  • Machine Learning Trends

  • Mechanism design and applications Robotic Automation and Control

  • Mobile sensor networks

  • Modeling and identification

  • Multi-agent Systems

  • Multi-Robot systems 

  • Natural Language Processing


Computer Applications

  • AI Architecture and Practice

  • AI Model and Algorithm

  • Algorithms 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence in Modelling and Simulation

  • Artificial Intelligence in Scheduling and Optimization

  • Cloud Computing Architecture

  • Computer vision and object recognition 

  • Concurrent and Parallel   Processing

  • Coordination in robotics 

  • Data visualization and Modern Technologies

  • Deep and Reinforcement learning

  • Distributed and decentralized machine learning algorithms

  • Distributed Intelligent Processing

  • Intelligence Language & Speech

  • Intelligent wireless communications

  • Intelligent wireless sensor networks

  • Internet of Things

  • Many-Core Computing and Accelerators

  • Software computer Applications

  • Software Frameworks (MapReduce, Spark, etc) and Simulations

  • Tools and Framework



  • Activity/behavior recognition

  • Adaptive and flexible industrial robotics 

  • Agriculture robots 

  • AI Planning for robotics

  • Cognitive robotics

  • Evolutionary Design

  • Evolutionary robotics and reactive intelligence 

  • Evolutionary Scheduling and Optimization

  • Experimental evaluations of machine learning

  • Field Robots

  • Human-computer interaction

  • Humanoid robotics 

  • Hybrid Learning Models and Methods

  • Medical robots and bio-robotics

  • Micro robots and micro-manipulation

  • Mobile robotics

  • Mobile robots localization and navigation 

  • Modelling and simulating complex robots 

  • Robot behavior engineering 

  • Robot control

  • Robot learning and adaptation 

  • Robot sensing and data fusion

  • Robotic drives

  • Robotic Kinematics

  • Robotic surveillance 


Other related topics